Satellite Tracking

View the International Space Station and other orbiting satellites!

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Getting started

Just click the button to download the application from the store. After the application downloads, you'll be tracking in just a few moments. It's easy and fun!

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Satellite Tracking application.

Looks great on any device

The Satellite Tracking application looks great on any device - PC, tablet, or phone.

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Only app you will need

The application tracks: amateur radio, brightest, communication, earth weather, geo synchronous, navigation, new, old, scientific, and space stations.

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Amateur radio satellites.

All in one

After selecting the satellite, calculations are displayed, you will be able to see the location details of the satellite per your location and footprint.

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Latitude, longitude, azimuth, elevation, time, date, etc. for International Space Station ISS.

Select settings

Many options are available for map (2D 3D), location, footprint, antenna direction, and more.

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Satellite footprint and antenna direction.

View in 3D

With the 3D map setting, viewing the earth is in 3D.

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Satellite map 2D or 3D.

Where is the International Space Station (ISS)? Current position of ISS?

When does the station pass overhead? It's easy to load the satellite and track the position, plus use the future predicition listing for your location.

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From the makers of WinSatâ„¢

Starting with the first Windows based satellite tracking program, WinSatâ„¢, the technology is now expanded being the first Universal Windows Program (UWP) satellite tracking application on Windows 10.

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WinSat via AMSAT in 1990's.

View the list

See the categories and list of satellites to track here. There will be: iss location, satellite radio, satellite tv, satellite internet, satellite map satellites, satellite antenna, satellite broadband, satellite communication, satellite dish, satellite earth, satellite finder, satellite frequency, satellite for rv, satellite finder meter, satellite glass, satellite gps, satellite images, satellite imagery, satellite jobs, satellite kit, satellite launch, satellite map, satellite maps free, satellite meter, satellite navigation, satellite orbits, satellite phone, satellite receiver, satellite radar, satellite tracking, satellite televsion, satellite uplink, satellite downlink, satellite view, satellite view of my house, satellite weather, satellite watch, satelltie zones, satellite zoom, silverlight satellite tracking, and satellite zoom into earth. ISS sightings over your city and spot the station.

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What time is it?

View the current time for GMT, local, and other world timezones.

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Do you show the ISS Live Feed for the International Space Station?

Yes, click the below button to go to that page.

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