Karhu Koti, LLC provides amateur radio, international space station, maidenhead grid square, satellite, navigation, and communication software.

Support Policy

Applications and website created by Karhu Koti, LLC are free to use and do offer some additional in-app features. All rights and licensing reserved. There are no expressed or implied warranties for any data shown, derived, predicted, or calculated - functionality provided is on an as-is and use at your own risk basis.

Support for the applications are planned to continued releases of the supported operating systems, but will be considered on an individual basis.

Privacy Policy

The GPS Satellite application, when enabled, collects your position location data. These values are stored on the device and are not transferred without your knowledge, such as when you copy the data file.

The Satellite Tracking application, when enabled, uses your position to calculate the azimuth and elevation of satellites from your position. These values are stored on the device and are not transmitted off the device, without your knowledge.

The website uses API from a 3rd party to determine your latitude and longitude based upon your IP address and/or if you manually enter it.

Please contact us via the email address below.

Support: karhukoti@hotmail.com